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Niagara Farm Project

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Date: Wednesday 06 December 2017

Time: 05:30pm

The goal of this organization is to stimulate individual and societal responsibility for our environment through the encouragement of informed food choices. The bi-product of these intentions build a strong community, improve health conditions, and create widespread accessibility to a quality food source.

The Niagara Farm Project is:

1. A group effort. 3 locations to start, and a whole lot of goodwill. We are dedicated to helping feed, educate and engage our community, through multiple organizations and people.

2. A chance to show your personal commitment to the production of locally grown, organically grown produce – it is imperative to keep local farming of fruits and vegetables thriving and successful.

3. An opportunity to educate people through their personal experience. Permaculture is the name of the game and optimizing upon what we each like to do, really gets us moving. Knowledge is in fact, the very “seed” we are sowing.

4. Teamwork; Whether it be a business or a private property, we could use your land. Whether it be your vocation or your hobby, we could use your help with health education. Whether you have something to donate or your resources can point us in the right direction, you can become a part of the Niagara Farm Project. And in return? You eat for free.

We just simply want your hands covered in dirt! We are seeking to create an opportunity whereby we can all come together for the benefit of the entire Region. When we all contribute we are supporting, and more importantly living, the universal give and take process.

5. Future employment opportunities. It is so important to address the growing needs of our society. There are people struggling with multiple challenges, preventing them from finding work. In the future, we intend to reach the point where this project can provide these people with employment.

6. An achievable vision. Imagine each community as a whole, genuinely committing to these goals – Feed, Educate, Engage and Employ the people. This is a very particular dream that most of us share and each community can easily provide the outlet if given the chance. This project’s structure provides others with a foundation from which to start.

7. A self-reliant food economy.


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