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Lindsay Misner

LGBTQ+ Women’s Group
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Date: Friday 15 September 2017

Time: 8pm

With intense, relatable and truthful lyrics, there is no mistaking the passion that Misiner holds within the palm of her hand.  Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia – Her honesty and devotion to an intelligent lyric, in pair with her painfully pure moaning vocal is what makes her style so undeniably different.

The artistry that Lindsay embodies goes deeper than just her songwriting, as her live performances have a captivating nature and an element of vulnerability.  Full of soul, feeling, and electrifying vocals, Misiner will leave you feeling as if she has always known your life story. Originality is the most important aspect of her music and there are no comparisons when it comes to Misiner.  As an artist, she stands on her own as a glorified soul creation of the past, present, and future.



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