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Garden City Improve
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Date: Saturday 10 February 2018

Time: 8pm

Coming together at their straw-bale jam oasis at Birdland in Wainfleet the Birdlanders have spent the last three years giving shape to a lifetime of stories. Having dusted off the old songbook and bringing it up to date, the Birdlanders are ready to fly.
Influenced by pretty much everything and quite possibly by nothing at all, the Birdlanders bring a sound both unique and familiar. Canadian Folk Rock with a twist. Cynical at times but never bitter. Haunting melodies. Simple rhythms. Stories to remember.
Self-described Hippy-Punks, Mary Ann Mikolic and Greg O’Rourke, carpenters by day, parents always, the songwriters at the heart of the Birdlanders, have gathered around them a band whose members have been part of Niagara’s musical landscape for over 35 years. John Hutchinson on Bass and Steve Pitul on drums bring a musical partnership first formed in the Smoky Fucking bars of the early eighties. Guitar-man Arnie McBay, no stranger to Niagara’s psychedelic set, has blessed many a cool jam with his soaring melodies and multifaceted soundscapes.


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