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Brock Ary Collective Gallery Show

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Date: Saturday 02 December 2017

Time: 7pm

This exhibition is a collection of works completed by students of Brock University who are members of the Brock Art Collective. The works are completed on many surfaces from wood, to canvas to multi-media prints using a variety of mediums. While it was not originally intended to be, the show has become a collection of work from exclusively women artists. The exhibition centres around themes of womanhood, and the natural world. The show features works by  Lisette Costanzo, Angelina Turner, Lana Tafere, Shania Thompson, Sarah Martin, Syerra Jasmin, Brianne Casey, Lindsay Liboiron and Jessica Angelevski. 

The Brock Art Collective has been a ratified club at Brock University for nearly 7 years. The Collective’s goal has always been to bring together students who have a passion for or interest in the visual arts. Students from all programs and disciplines are welcome to join the club. All the Brock Art Collective asks for is that students have a love for art, a passion to create and a desire to participate. By curating shows year-round at multiple venues within the Niagara Region, the Brock Art Collective aims to offer real-life practical experience to our student members, helping to prepare them for life as an artist outside of academia, as well as immersing them within the vibrant arts culture that lives in downtown St Catharines. 

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