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Discover, embrace and taste the cultural tradition and spirit of sharing that is at the core of the healthy yerba mate lifestyle.

A community oriented café & lounge designed to let you explore food, coffee and drinks in a way that truly emphasizes your individuality and sense of adventure.

Not familiar with yerba mate and it's lifestyle?
No problem, we've got your covered. Click HERE to learn more and why the Guarani people referred to this tea as the “Drink of the Gods”

• Organic, Fair Trade Coffee & Tea
• Live Music Every Week
• Gallery Featuring Local Artists
• Vegan & Gluten Free Options
• Licensed under the AGCO


241 St.Paul Street
St. Catharines Ont.




Monday - Thursday: 7:30AM - 11PM
Friday - Saturday: 9AM - Late
Sunday 10AM - 11PM

Mahtay Facts:

• Did you know that Mahtay is named after the South American tea yerba mate? The tea is served loose in a gourd (a guampa) with a straw (a bombilla). It is a tea that symbolizes community and friendship. Ask us why it is often called "Drink of the Gods".

• If you bring back a travel sticker from a recent trip, we will slap it on our service bar and buy you a drink. We'd love to hear your stories!

• We have indoor parking on the premise. The strange hooks at the front of the cafe are made to hang your bike inside safe and sound.

• The art changes every month. If you want to hang your art on our walls, or know of someone who does, ask for an artist application… fill it out and drop it off.

• Looking for a good read? Mahtay's community bookshelf is full of books. If you like one of the books take it home. If you have a good read you would like to share, drop it for someone else to enjoy.

• No need to be bored, we have board games to play; pull out one of the games from our shelf, gather some friends and let the games begin.